Meet SENSAFE, a smart flammable gas detector that will keep your home safer than any other gas detector in the market. This perfectly priced, small, efficient detector will sense any flammable gas in the environment, and will warn you, thus protecting your home from a gas explosion or a fire.

A portmanteau of 'sense' and 'safe', this smart device detects the level of flammable gas in your home/office. It uses special features to make sure that you are notified of the problem. We realised that the gas detectors available today can't notify people of a gas leak if they're not at home. We found a unique way to get around this problem. A lot of people underestimate the threat posed by gas leaks. If the gas is not detected in time, the explosion can cause loss of life, infrastructure, vehicles, etc. A lot of people don't even have gas detectors installed in their homes. 

Priced at INR 2,500, which is more inexpensive than most gas sensors, SENSAFE has some pretty innovative features, that helps it be the best at keeping your home safe. 


Imagine this. You're outside your home; maybe out to grab a meal, or to meet somebody; and a gas leak takes place at your home. A gas sensor that you'd get in the market would be able to only trigger a sound alarm, or maybe shine a light. But nobody's home to hear or see anything. The gas leak can ruin your home, damage your belongings or even harm your neighbours. All this happens, and you don't even find out about it, until it's way too late. At Scatter Innovations, we've found a unique way to counter this problem.


Not only does SENSAFE ​sound a loud alarm and shines a bright light, it also uses IoT (Internet of Things) to send a phone call (VOIP) and a text (SMS) Message directly to your mobile phone, and can also directly notify you via your email address, by a warning mail. 

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